SRL Diagnostics begins vaccination drive in Mumbai & Kolkata

: 11-Aug-2021     : AP     Source : SRL Diagnostics

Mumbai, 11 August 2021: SRL Diagnostics, one of India’s largest diagnostic chains have opened their COVID-19 vaccination sites in Kolkata and Mumbai to boost vaccination accessibility. A team of doctors, nurses, and billing professionals will lead these centers, located in Mumbai & Kolkata. The camps are well-equipped with ambulances and support staff to ensure that operations run smoothly. Both the centers are equipped with COVISHIELD and COVAXIN.

Mr. Anand K., CEO, SRL Diagnostics, said in a statement regarding the current initiative, “Amidst these hard times, diagnostic laboratories across the country are making essential efforts to best serve the people of the country at every level from testing to now vaccination. To cater to the growing demand, we have opened vaccination at two of our biggest centers, which will speed up the process and vaccinate more people. We also intend to expand this capability and encourage people to get vaccine shots as soon as they can.”

Residents of Kolkata and Mumbai have been able to get Covid-19 testing in the city thanks to SRL Diagnostics’ home-collection service and walk-ins at its certified labs.

“Managing the country’s testing requirements is just as important as managing the country’s immunization effort. We’ve been doing the Covid-19 test with 18 RT-PCR labs distributed across the country and 10 drive-through centers. We also aim to open five more RT PCR facilities, as well as more drive-through sample collection sites, across the country to increase capacity and accessibility across the country”, Anand further added.

Using the Co-WIN 2.0 site or other IT applications such as Aarogya Setu, you can register and schedule a vaccination appointment at any time and from anywhere. Bookings for vaccines must be made through the CoWin site. There is also an option for beneficiaries to register themselves at a walk-in center at:

1.Prime Square, Gadiwadi Industrial Estate, SV Road, Goregaon West, Mumbai
2. 30B, J L Nehru Road, Chowringree Road, Kolkata

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