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Dräger India’s post-budget reaction to the healthcare sector

: 08-Feb-2023     : Dhritimay Dhar, Vice President- Sales & Marketing -India & South Asia, Dräger     Source : Dräger

It is encouraging to see plans in this year’s annual budget to bolster healthcare infrastructure in the country as it depicts the Indian government’s commitment of creating a holistic healthcare system. A significant increase in nursing and medical colleges, strong emphasis on promoting innovation and R&D, and PPP in healthcare and med-tech specialized workforce will lay a stronger roadmap for the future. Also, the announcement to establish three Centers of excellence for artificial intelligence to enable ‘Make AI for India’ and ‘Make AI work for India’ will be a significant step in building a robust healthcare ecosystem.

Since the pandemic and its aftermath, major disruptions have intensified the increased requirement for a robust hospital infrastructure that is efficient and connected.  At Dräger, we have set ourselves the goal of not only enabling better patient outcomes but also helping doctors with enhanced diagnostic capabilities by automating routine work and therapy processes. Our industry stewardship in hospital infrastructure along with our pioneering technology device capabilities uniquely positions us to redefine and empower India’s future for multifaceted healthcare. We achieve this by using solutions based on the networking and intelligent interaction of medical technology in critical care. Overall, as a company we are well-positioned to support the increased emphasis on R&D and a vision for connected healthcare to redefine the overall healthcare landscape and achieve a holistic care continuum.

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