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Dr Prathap C. Reddy conferred Lifetime Achievement Award at Young Doctors Leadership Summit by IMA

: 01-Jul-2022   |   :AP

Hyderabad, June 24, 2022: Dr Prathap C. Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group was today conferred the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Young Doctors Leadership Summit. The Award further establishes Dr Reddy as the Architect of Modern Indian Healthcare who pioneered private sector healthcare in India and acknowledges his unparalleled contribution to bringing affordable world-class healthcare […]

L V Prasad Eye Institute Incubator Launches Start-up Social

: 01-Jul-2022   |   :AP

Hyderabad, July 2022: L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) Incubator, funded under the BioNEST scheme of the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), launched the first in a series of Startup Social on 30th June 2022. “Start-up Social organized by L V Prasad Eye Institute is a series of events aimed at energizing and nurturing […]

Family Healthcare Hospital goes for complete turnaround with AVISA Smart Hospitals

: 01-Jul-2022   |   :AP

New Delhi, June 2022: As part of its endeavor to revolutionize healthcare infra, Avisa Smart Hospitals has now stepped into Ghaziabad-based Family Healthcare Hospital for complete turnaround and growth of the hospital for super specialty and cancer treatment in the region. With acquisition of 10% stakes in Family Healthcare Hospital, Avisa implemented a completely smart […]

Unimeditrek Pvt ltd commemorates 15 years of Histopathology equipment manufacturing excellence and growth

: 12-May-2022   |   :Kumar Jeetendra

New Delhi-12th May 2022: Unimeditrek Pvt Ltd – a Ghaziabad Based Histopathology equipment manufacturing company is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its founding in 2007. In celebration of its achievements, the one of Director Mr. Animesh Arora shared his coming year company goals— To introduce complete range of Histopathology products by 2023 To enter into […]

5 ways new mothers can take care of their health

: 05-May-2022   |   :Microbioz Health

Being a mother is always a dream come true for every woman. However, with motherhood, comes various challenges and hiccups which if not attended to, too can weigh on you for the larger part of your life. So ladies, embrace your motherhood, but with the right balance of parenting and self-care. Let’s all remember that […]

Zoonotic Diseases & Related Prevention Diagnostics

: 04-May-2022   |   :Jatin Mahajan Managing Director J Mitra & Co. India's leading IVD company

The outbreak of Covid19 in December 2019 has once again brought zoonotic infections into focus. As per WHO estimates, 61 percent of all human diseases are zoonotic in origin. Zoonotic (or Zoonosis) are infections or diseases that can be transmitted between animals and humans – like dengue, malaria, chikungunya, rabies, salmonella infection, E coli infection, […]

Does Menstrual Cup affect the hymen?

: 10-Mar-2022   |   :Rutuja Sonawane & Chanchal Jangid -- Ami Polymer Pvt Ltd

The female body is beautifully complex. Inside this beautiful body, there is a thin tissue located at the opening of the vagina known as hymen. Everybody is different and so is the tissue. Some bodies have extremely small tissues that it seems like they do not even have a hymen. These tissues can break or […]

Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central introduces a path-breaking treatment for Diabetic Foot Ulcer

: 07-Mar-2022   |   :Kumar Jeetendra

Mumbai, 7th March 2022: Wockhardt Hospitals launches Diabetic Foot Ulcer clinic (DFU) to reduce chances of foot amputation due to Diabetes by using “Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy” (GFC). This is a path breaking therapy where growth factors derived from the patient’s own platelets are further purified and used as an acellular growth factor giving consistent […]

Alpinion medical system’s E−CUBE 8 Series is an indispensable partner for your Ultrasound practice


With the rapidly changing medical environment, the demands of patients and medical practitioners are growing more diversified. ALPINION has been a pioneering and well-known brand of ultrasound. Its “E-CUBE” concepts (“Extreme Clarity”, “Efficient Workflow”, “Ergonomic Design”) represent the company’s philosophy of technology which provides customers with consistent image quality throughout its life. ALPINION has been […]

Role of AI, will it replace radiologists?

: 01-Mar-2022   |   :Sabu Jose, General Manager Government, OEM & Corporate Accounts, Carestream India

In the current scenario, Artificial intelligence, the utilization of intelligent machines to react and work like human beings, is already a part of our everyday life. Right from voice recognition on applications like Siri, Google Assistant to Face recognition on various platforms are already with us. Driverless cars or robots that ‘care’ for the elderly […]