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Hyaluronic Acid Degeneration in Invertebral Disc Health

: 21-Jan-2020     : Kumar Jeetendra     Source : Microbioz Health

AMSBIO reports how a collaborative team of international biomedical researchers** have investigated expression and activity of hyaluronidases (HYAL-1, HYAL-2 and HYAL-3) in human intervertebral spine discs.
Hyaluronic acid plays an essential role in water retention of the intervertebral disc (IVD) providing flexibility and shock absorbance in the spine. Hyaluronic acid gets degraded by hyaluronidases (HYALs), and some of the resulting fragments have previously been shown to induce an inflammatory and catabolic response in human IVD cells. However, until now no data has existed on the expression and activity of HYALs in IVD health and disease.

Professor Karin Wuertz-Kozak
Professor Karin Wuertz-Kozak from the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology (USA) commented “The HYAL activity kit (Ra003-01-HAK) supplied by AMSBIO helped us to move from purely analyzing HYAL (gene/protein) expression to actually measuring HYAL activity. When investigating enzymes, such a functional read-out is crucial. While well-established methods and kits exist for other enzymes such as MMPs, determining HYAL activity is more complicated. Although our treatments did not result in a significant increase in HYAL activity, we found the assay to be reliable and very easy to use”. Professor Wuertz-Kozak added “Our study showed for the first time that HYAL-1, HYAL-2 and HYAL-3, the three major HA-degrading enzymes, are expressed in IVD issue and isolated cells. Interestingly, HYAL-1 expression was increased with increasing degeneration, although this was only observed on the mRNA level, but not on the protein level”

AMSBIO is a leading supplier of easy-to-use, non-radioactive, sensitive and specific assay kits to measure enzyme activity of heparanase and hyaluronidase in cell culture supernatants, human plasma, biological fluids and tissue samples. These kits are widely used for research into anti-inflammatory responses, kidney disease and cancer research.

For further information on the AMSBIO HYAL activity kit please visit or contact the company now on +44-1235-828200 / +1-617-945-5033 /

Dr. Wuertz-Kozak holds the position of Kate Gleason Endowed Full Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology (USA) and leads the Tissue Regeneration and Mechanobiology (TRAM) Laboratory. Her laboratory aims to understand the cellular mechanisms underlying specific pathologies, with a focus on inflammation, and to utilize this knowledge for the development of novel treatment options that allow for tissue regeneration and pain reduction. Specifically, the group uses cells, biomaterials, biologics, genome engineering and mechanical cues to promote tissue regeneration. For further information please visit

Founded in 1987, AMS Biotechnology (AMSBIO) is recognized today as a leading transatlantic company contributing to the acceleration of discovery through the provision of cutting-edge life science technology, products and services for research and development in the medical, nutrition, cosmetics and energy industries. AMSBIO has in-depth expertise in extracellular matrices to provide elegant solutions for studying cell motility, migration, invasion and proliferation. This expertise in cell culture and the ECM allows AMSBIO to partner with clients in tailoring cell systems to enhance organoid and spheroid screening outcomes using a variety of 3D culture systems, including organ-on-a-chip microfluidics.

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** Wuertz-Kozak  K, Krupkova, O., Greutert, H., Boos, N. et al. Expression and activity of hyaluronidases HYAL-1, HYAL-2 and HYAL-3 in the human intervertebral disc. Eur Spine J (2019) doi:10.1007/s00586-019-06227-3

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