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SilverPro – Self Sanitizing Face Masks

: 18-Jun-2020     : Kumar Jeetendra     Source : Microbioz Health

The continuous rise in the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 has made certain that we’re going to be following safety guidelines for quite long. Facemasks are no longer limited to the one-dimensional protective purpose but have become a must-have lifestyle staple.

Following their core mission – ‘Every citizen has the right to breathe safely’, Lohia Group has now launched a new venture, Lohia Health with a cause.

The project brings you, “SilverPro Self Sanitizing face masks” coated with European Nano Silver formulation that kills bacteria and virus in contact ensuring complete safety.

With the pledge to donate a SilverPRO mask to a corona warrior for every 10 sets sold, Lohia Health is diligently working to innovate and be a solution provider in these testing times. Having a facemask on is the reality of the new normal, so it is all the more important to find the one that adds up to your comfort with extra care!

The brand realized the need for advanced and breathable masks amidst increasing risk of Covid-19 and aspired to design organic cotton masks which will not only protect people but will also enable them to breathe easily. After rigorous R&D, Lohia Health has successfully introduced a unique and extraordinary mask which is high on safety, breathability, adorned with fun subtle prints to add happy cheer and are sustainable for the environment.

SilverPRO mask is a 4-ply organic cotton mask carefully designed by experts. The special silver chemical solution coating makes the mask as effective as an N95 mask on most parameters yet enables it to have high breathability.
These masks are 100% biodegradable and use melt-blown fabric for bacteria filtration. They can be easily hand and machine washed as the silver technology used in the masks lasts till 30 washes, making it a feasible choice.

Along with this, the special design and fabric composition provide long hours of comfort with wider face coverage and protects from dust and pollution as well.

Lohia Health feels advanced face masks are the need of the hour and will help people come to terms with the COVID-19 way of living and will ensure their safety while making a style statement with subtle and playful prints.

The mask is available in 7 Varieties – Work-wear Men, Workwear Women, Casual Men, Causal Women, Kids Girls, Kids Boys and Family.


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