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From Concept to Reality: The Story of Urgent Ventilator Project Success

: 01-Aug-2023     : BPL Medica Technologies     Source : BPL Medica Technologies

Amidst the early days of the devastating COVID pandemic, Penlon Ltd., a then 100% subsidiary of BPL Medical Technologies, stepped up keenly to answer the UK Prime Minister’s Call to Arms on the 15th of March 2020.  The company submitted the concept of an Emergency Ventilator that would meet the specifications rolled out by the UK MHRA. Mr. Guruswamy K, our esteemed leader, mobilized a dedicated core team that would work to create a Ventilator by taking the Minimum Viable Product Approach – which was to evolve an Emergency Ventilator from Penlon’s existing, most popular, anaesthesia machine. Penlon’s Emergency Ventilator (ESO2) concept was reviewed by a team of specialists from the NHS, MHRA, Cabinet Office and industry experts from Ford, McLaren, Airbus and Siemens on the 21st of March 2020, followed by receiving their resounding approval for its manufacturability and scalability.

Within days, Penlon was given an order to manufacture 5000 units of ESO2 Emergency ICU Ventilators (Air Driven Variant), following which another order was placed for a further 10,000 units on the 29th of March 2020, as a part of the UK Ventilator Challenge consortium. In an extraordinary display of efficiency and commitment, Mr. Guruswamy’s leadership spearheaded the development of the final product within a week, a task that typically takes months or even years to accomplish.

We are excited to announce that  our esteemed Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Guruswamy K, has been bestowed with the prestigious title of “Honorary Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE),” the third highest ranking recognition from the Late Queen Elizabeth II. This recognition comes in appreciation of his outstanding service and invaluable contributions during his tenure as the CEO at Penlon, UK in 2020.

Mr. Guruswamy, as a part of the Steering committee of a consortium of companies including Penlon, Ford, Maclaren, Airbus, Siemens and STI, played a key role in driving the project despite complex supply chain, resource and specification challenges that came up at various points of the project timeline. He also ensured that motivation levels were maintained at a time when staff were taking a huge health related risks and were stretched emotionally and physically to meet this huge goal.

Guided by Mr. Guruswamy’s extraordinary leadership, Penlon achieved an substantial feat by delivering approximately 11,700 units in just 12 weeks – the work that would require at least 12 years under normal circumstances! Moreover, since the project was funded by Public Funds, it demanded the highest level of frugality and transparency, which Mr. Guruswamy personally supervised. This ambitious project involved around 4000 dedicated staff working tirelessly and collaboratively at 5 sites overseen to achieve this historic feat. This project also received the President’s special Medal from the Royal Academy of Engineering.

We, at BPL Medical Technologies, are filled with immense pride as we witness Mr. Guruswamy’s unwavering dedication and tireless efforts being rightfully recognized. We take great pride in celebrating Mr. Guruswamy’s remarkable achievements, and the incredible team effort that made this achievement possible. This commitment to a noble cause has earned him the well-deserved honour, and it serves as a true inspiration to us all.

 About Mr Guruswamy Krishnamoorthy

Mr. Guruswamy K is an Engineering Graduate from the prestigious Anna University in Madras, South India. For over 13 years, he has held various leadership roles at GE Medical Systems in India, during which he was involved in growing their markets, distribution channels, driving new product introduction and Six Sigma Initiatives in GE Medicals. Additionally, Mr. Guruswamy K Co-Founded a Med tech start up that developed a cutting-edge Robotic navigation system for Cancer treatment and has the experience of setting up a new business from scratch, including fund raising, building global markets, setting up clinical advisory panels and creating a high energy talent pool. Prior to the position of CEO of Penlon, Mr. Guruswamy K led the International and Strategic Business initiatives of BPL Medical Technologies.

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BPL Medical Technologies

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