Lok Nayak Hospital (LNH) Adds 100 AI-Powered, Contactless Dozee Patient Monitors to Covid ICU Under Dozee’s MillionICU Initiative

: 10-Jun-2021     : AP     Source : Dozee

New Delhi, June 10, 2021: MillionICU, an initiative by Dozee, that addresses the massive shortage of ICU beds and staff in public hospitals, will help facilitate critical care for 900+ patients over the next 3 months at the Lok Nayak Hospital (LNH) in New Delhi. Currently, LNH has upgraded 50 beds with AI-powered contactless Dozee monitors in ICUs for remote, central and continuous monitoring of COVID-19 patients. Fifty such beds are proposed to be added to aid the treatment of post-covid Mucormycosis patients. Dozee has also set up a Patient Monitoring Cell in the hospital to ensure 24*7 on-ground support and alert escalation. The upgradation of facilities at LNh was sponsored by The State Bank of India Foundation and Huawei with C-Camp as key coordinator.

The MillionICU initiative aims to enable public hospitals to tide over the current COVID-19 crisis in the short-term and bring about a rapid, long-term transformation in India’s public healthcare infrastructure. The initiative aims to dramatically increase the number of Step Down ICU & HDUs with centralized patient monitoring in these hospitals and make critical care more easily accessible and available to the needy, even in the remotest part of the country. Under the initiative, hospital beds are installed with Dozee’s contactless sensor featuring an AI-powered triaging system that enables continuous (more than 100 times per hour) and accurate monitoring of a patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate, and other clinical parameters like sleep apnea and myocardial performance metrics, without coming in contact with the patient. The constant stream of patient data aids the medical staff with early detection of patient deterioration and notifies the care team of any abnormalities before it becomes critical. Custom alerts can be set for every patient, helping doctors optimise treatment plans, focus on deteriorating patients and provide improved proactive care. The Patient Monitoring Cell enabled by Dozee helps keep track of all the patients and alerts the doctors and nurses on any escalation in the wards.

Dr Suresh Kumar, MD, LN Hospital
“COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the fore the dire need for a rapid infrastructure transformation of the public healthcare sector in India. Using next-gen technologies such as AI and RPM can help Indian hospitals leapfrog critical care infrastructure and enable them to deliver better quality care to patients. The MillionICU initiative by Dozee has helped us upgrade into an AI powered, step-down ICU infrastructure in just a matter of days and is already proving beneficial for our patients and healthcare staff. More than 200 alerts have been raised by the system which has helped us treat patients effectively. We believe that this technology will help save the lives of thousands of patients over the next few months while keeping our staff safe.”

Dr Vikas Malhotra, Prof ENT and Project Officer Remote Patient Monitoring Solution, LN Hospital
“Dozee’s Remote Patient Monitoring and AI powered triaging technology is helping our clinicians in timely identification of at-risk patients. With Dozee deployed, we are better able to effectively allocate our limited resources to treat patients now, as Dozee is helping us cover more patients and provide them better care at the same time. It is also helping us collect accurate clinical data of Covid-19 patients that will help researchers to better understand the effects of this virus. Going forward it would be worth looking at possibilities of remote patient monitoring at home with solutions like Dozee to ensure quality health care at scale. ”

Mudit Dandwate, CEO & Cofounder, Dozee
“By leveraging the MillionICU initiative, the doctors and nurses at LNJP Hospital can now provide continuous critical care to their patients by remotely monitoring their vital signs in addition to receiving updates from a centralised dashboard and leveraging alerts of any abnormalities before it becomes critical. By upgrading its ICU infrastructure, LNJP Hospital is taking the lead in Delhi by being better prepared to provide the highest level of care to its patients while reducing the pressure on nurses and doctors. Our aim is to install more than 50,000 Step-Down ICU beds across India by the end of 2021.”

Several private & public hospitals in the capital are in the process of onboarding Dozee to remotely monitor patients in COVID wards. The second surge of the COVID-19 pandemic has put tremendous pressure on the healthcare system of the country. According to official data, as of May 2021 there are only 4,798 ICU beds in government hospitals for Covid-19 patients. Additionally, India has around 9.26 lakh doctors and less than 20,000 of these are trained in pulmonology, anaesthesiology, critical care and emergency medicine. According to experts and doctors, to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, India will need an extra 500,000 ICU beds and many more trained nurses and doctors.

Dozee’s MillionICU initiative is a bold step towards changing the critical care infrastructure throughout the country. It offers an unique opportunity for government hospitals to use technology to quickly augment the much required ICUs & HDUs. India needs innovative solutions that are low-cost yet effective in order to upgrade the medical infrastructure to meet the demands of the already large and growing population. The MillionICU initiative answers to this urgent need of strengthening the long term health infrastructure and making quality healthcare available, accessible and affordable to the vast majority of the population.

About Dozee
Dozee is India’s First Contactless Remote Health Monitoring Startup that tracks heart health, respiration, sleep quality and stress levels with 98.4% accuracy as compared to medical devices. Dozee’s AI-based module Advanced Health Intelligence, detects early signs of health deterioration by continuously assessing user’s vitals data and conducting a risk analysis. Dozee was started in October 2015 by IIT graduates Mudit Dandwate and Gaurav Parchani and has till date raised over INR 19 crore. Launched in July 2019, they have been awarded grants by the GoI’s BIRAC, Sine IIT Bombay, ACT and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The start-up has also filed several patents on detecting and predicting respiratory, cardiac & neurological patterns & providing in-depth analysis of vital signals for early warning of health deterioration. For more details, please visit: https://www.dozee.health/.

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