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Max Ventilator Launches New Medical Devices To Cater To Increasing Demand In Healthcare

: 14-Oct-2022     : AP     Source : Microbioz Health

After conquering the terrain of ventilator market, leading manufacturer of medical devices, Max Ventilator is all set to expand its niche by rolling out intelligent devices including pulse oxymeter, ECG, and monitors. Sensing the need for smart and innovative devices in the healthcare sector, the company has come up with solutions that offer world-class quality at an affordable cost.

“A firm practitioner of Make in India, I do believe it was the right time to explore our potential in previously untapped markets. With the launch of these novel products, we are hopeful of receiving the same overwhelming response as we did with our ventilators. The pulse oxymeter is an economical choice against the usual price range in the market. Having both inbuilt audio and visual alarms, it comes with a keypad that has all functions accessible. With less than 800 g of weight, the unique oximeter has a reliable memory storage of up to 96 hours where graphical trends of SpO2 and pulse rate values could be easily observed. This would greatly help the doctors in decision making when choosing the the course of medication,” said Mr. Ashok Patel, Founder and CEO, Max Ventilator.

“We are also pleased to announce the launch of two OT/ICU/ICCU grade monitors: M12 and M10. The USP of the former is that it can be remotely monitored using wi-fi. Patient comfort was a priority while devising the instrument, so we have a night mode feature. It has an astonishing 10 real-time configurable waveform displays. A prominent feature of the latter is the versatility of the device; it is suited for a wider patient base covering neonates in addition to adult and pediatric patients. This also comes with a TFT screen for better visibility. There is no compromise in the functioning of both monitors even during transit,” said Mr. Patel.

“We also have high hopes for our portable A4 ECG machine: E200. It offers an internal memory storage that can accumulate data of as many as 200 patients. Working on True Interpretation Sensitivity Algorithm (TISA), it has a splash-resistant alphanumeric keyboard. It has 12 leads simultaneous recording with an integrated high-resolution thermal printer,” added Mr. Patel.

 The ECG comes with two modes of operation — automatic and manual. With a vision to deliver technologically advanced products, the company is always on the lookout for the requirements of the healthcare industry, making sure to provide relevant solutions. Employing cutting-edge technology to manufacture these devices is yet another proof that Max Ventilator is there to deliver nothing but the best to its customers.

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