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Medall Healthcare launches Medall blume

: 10-Dec-2020     : Medall Healthcare     Source : Microbioz Health

India, December 10th, 2020: Medall Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, South India’s largest chain of medical diagnostic services announced the launch of Medall blume. Medall blume is a personalized, holistic and science-based subscription program to reduce or reverse lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity, chronic fatigue, PCOD, etc. Most, if not all, programs in the market today focus on managing the disorders with medication, while our objective is to reduce, if not completely remove, the need for medication. The program will be digitally driven by a new app that will support virtual consultations, personalized diet and health monitoring, and engaging content.

Medall blume program comprises the four pillars that play vital roles in improving one’s well-being: EAT (Nutrition and food habits), MOVE (Physical movements), MIND (Stress management) and SLEEP (Sleep cycle management)

Medall blume subscribers will be guided by a team of dedicated nutritionists, psychologists, physical trainers, and doctors. Before the program begins, subscribers will undergo a series of diagnostic tests and consultations that will help define their personalized program. The program is rooted in technology and includes measurement devices to enable continuous monitoring of vital parameters. It is also flexible for the subscriber with no long-term commitment and entirely based on monthly subscriptions at just Rs. 5000. Based on our pilot program, subscribers have observed quantifiable results within a few weeks, although it takes around 4-7 months to start seeing significant benefits depending on the condition.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Arjun Ananth, CEO, Medall, said, “During the recent pandemic, the awareness around co-morbidities and the need to improve the immune system and overall health have gained prominence. Medall blume is crafted keeping the key pillars of health in mind; Eat, Move, Mind and Sleep. It is entirely flexible. We believe subscribers will enjoy and benefit from the expertise, experience, testing and research that have gone into the program. The program will be especially beneficial for users who want to reverse or overcome any lifestyle-related disorders such as diabetes, obesity, chronic fatigue and PCOD.”


About Medall Healthcare
Medall Healthcare Pvt. Ltd (MEDALL) is South India’s largest chain of medical diagnostic services. Medall was established with a vision to service the need for holistic diagnostic services, which include Pathology tests and Radiology Imaging.

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