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For the first time in North Karnataka HCG Cancer Centre Kalaburgi introduces ‘C-TEST’ to diagnose oral cancer

: 09-Apr-2021     : HCG CANCER HOSPITAL     Source : HCG Cancer Hospital

India, 9th April 2021: Observing the Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week HCG Cancer Centre Kalaburgi introduced ‘C-Test/ Swivel biopsy test’ to diagnose oral cancer for the first time in the North Karnataka region. Also, in an effort to create awareness on oral cancer among general public, free cancer awareness program and screening camp is being organized at the hospital for the entire month of April.
Oral cancer develops in the tissues of the mouth or throat and can form in any part of the surrounding area. It belongs to a large group of cancers called head and neck cancers and mostly develops in the cells that are found in one’s mouth, tongue or lips. Oral cancers are often discovered at a later stage because of ignorance, social taboo lack of motivation for regular health check-ups, and early detection is one of the key factors for better survival against the disease.

According to WHO, Oral cancer is a major health problem worldwide. It is one of the top three cancers that are prevalent. It is estimated that 1.7 million people will be affected by oral cancer by the year 2035. Globally, one person dies due to oral cancer every hour, increasing the need to raise awareness about the disease.

Dr. Sharankumar Shetty, Sr. Consultant, Head & Neck Surgical Oncologist, HCG Cancer Centre Kalaburgi said “We are happy to introduce C-Test at our hospital which will benefit the people of north Karnataka. C-Test also known as swivel biopsy test is a first of its kind test in India which will detect oral cancer well in advance. That means at the precancerous stage and when detected early, cancer can be effectively treated. The major advantages of the C -Test are that it’s simple, painless, and easy to use, and does not require anesthesia or suturing. This test has been specifically developed for oral cancer and is completely sterile with disposable tips. More importantly the test is available at a cost-effective price that is easily affordable to all sections of society”.

Dr. Shantling Nigudgi, Sr. Consultant, Radiation Oncologist HCG Cancer Centre Kalaburgi said “The oral cancer screening drive is aimed at creating much-needed awareness on the significance of early detection of cancer which can enable early treatment and better outcomes. While smoking and tobacco use are still major risk factors, the fastest-growing segment of oral cancer patients is young, healthy, nonsmoking individuals due to the connection to the HPV virus. Most of the patients are detected with the disease in the advanced stages leaving very little hope of survival. The majority of the patients are in rural areas, where they lack awareness and have minimal access to advanced medical care. We cannot stop this virus from spreading, but our only hope to save lives is with professional involvement and public awareness”.

Mr. Somanath Rayakodi, Regional Manager – Marketing, HCG Oncology and Mr. Veeresh Kirangi, Sr. Executive Marketing HCG Cancer Centre, Kalburgi are present in the press conference.

About HCG Cancer Hospital Kalaburgi:
HCG Cancer Hospital Kalaburgi is the first comprehensive cancer care centre, with all facilities under one roof. This cancer hospital not only serves the people of Kalaburgi but also Yadgir, Bidar, Raichur and Bijapur. It is the first cancer hospital in the Hyderabad-Karnataka region, to introduce state-of-the-art technology, like the Unique – Linear Accelerator from Varian. It is a technology that enables clinicians to provide better treatment for various types of cancers. The treatment modalities offered at this centre include Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, and Surgical Oncology. The services also include supportive care and diagnostics. HCG Cancer Hospital Kalaburgi also has specially designed ICUs and a daycare facility, to cater to outpatients. The diagnostic department offers CT scan, mammography, ultrasound and X-ray. It also has an advanced laboratory, providing services to the patients.


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