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Family Healthcare Hospital goes for complete turnaround with AVISA Smart Hospitals

: 01-Jul-2022     : AP     Source : Microbioz Health

New Delhi, June 2022: As part of its endeavor to revolutionize healthcare infra, Avisa Smart Hospitals has now stepped into Ghaziabad-based Family Healthcare Hospital for complete turnaround and growth of the hospital for super specialty and cancer treatment in the region. With acquisition of 10% stakes in Family Healthcare Hospital, Avisa implemented a completely smart ecosystem, encompassing all major healthcare services such as clinical operations, diagnosis, pharmacy etc, through end-to-end automation and digitization. AVISA Expertise in Hospital Turnaround strategy and the use of smart Technology and automation has reduced the revenue leakage and pilferage of the hospital up to 17% so far.

Following the alliance, the 100-bedded hospital is slated to be equipped with a state-of-the-art Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) while doctors and patients are to be facilitated with digital prescription and smart health card. Besides, Avisa Smart Mini Lab – an IoT-enabled smart POCT solution for 30 major tests including vitals, hematology and infectious diseases – is being installed for faster and accurate treatment whereas a smart pharmacy is also being instated for handling complete end-to-end supply chain of drugs and pharmaceuticals.
Within just few days of commencement, AVISA brought the corporate working structure into the hospital with a system driven process work flow making the hospital operate more efficiently.

“We want to create a chain of smart hospitals across India by integrating technology into the complete medical structure and transform traditional hospitals into smart hospitals. Our intent is to increase operational efficiencies of hospitals while improving patient centric care through enhancement of infrastructure, expertise and services. For instance in addition to IoT device and digital prescriptions, we are also providing highly qualified and experienced doctors as well as medical professionals to partner hospitals,” said Avisa Smart Hospitals Director Dr. Raja Dutta .

Speaking about the latest announcement, he added that the company now plans to create oncology centres across India, based on hub & spoke model, and Family Healthcare has been added as the first feeder in this regard.

Over the next three months, the collaboration between the two healthcare entities is expected to increase the patient influx by nearly three-fold across both In-Patient and Out-Patient Departments focusing on quality care of the patient and smooth functioning of the hospital.

It has been appreciated by the industry with a robust & defined corporate process of AVISA which is giving a system driven structure for better efficiency of any hospital.

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