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The Sefam S.Box: An innovative concept of ‘precision medicine’ that puts the patients at the center of their treatment

: 12-Oct-2022     : Sefam     Source : Microbioz Health

S.Box is much more than a treatment device; it is an innovative concept of ‘precision medicine’ that puts the patients at the center of their treatment.

In addition to the innovations of this Auto-CPAP device, the S.Box is designed by a famous French designer Philippe Starck. The S.Box concept offers mobile apps and the use of some medical devices at home, connected with Bluetooth. It helps not only in day-to-day follow up of the treatment but also other important physiological parameters such as:

  1. Blood pressure
  2. Weight trend
  3. Physical activity
  4. Oxygen saturation
  5. Heart rate

The’ SefamAccess’ mobile app facilitates the interaction between the patient and the healthcare professional using survey popped by the app and messaging tools. All data from the patient and the treatment are encrypted and stored anonymously in the secured ‘Sefam Connect’ database server in Europe. The stakeholders, those have been granted the proper rights alone, have access to their assigned database. The transmission of the data is facilitated directly from the S.Box, if it has a GSM modem or the Wi-Fi modem inserted into the device.

The S.Box truly is the next step in the advanced e-health technology innovated by Sefam. The personalized medicine concept and the ownership of the treatment by patients themselves take the entire treatment and its success to the next level up.

 It ensures the higher compliance and adherence of the CPAP treatment and motivating the patients to use the devices regularly and adequately ensuring the desired positive impact not only on OSA but also on their co-morbidities.

The Sefam Analyze software and the web application Sefam Connect have been developed for healthcare professionals to quickly and simply optimize the care pathway of patients treated by S.Box.

These applications allow the therapist to quickly identify abnormalities with the usage and its outcome. Thus, it helps in optimizing the effectiveness of the treatment with S.Box auto CPAP. Following numerous requests from practitioners and providers, SEFAM and its Medical Advisory Board have decided to publish regularly a Newsletter, dedicated to the presentation of clinical cases illustrating the use of Sefam Analyze and of the web application Sefam Connect.

For more information:

Customer Service | India

T: +91 777 8910 601

E: [email protected]

Customer Service | France

T: +33 (0)3 83 44 85 50

E: [email protected]

 About Sefam :

Since it was founded in 1982, the Nancy-based French company Sefam has been designing, manufacturing, and commercializing diagnostic and therapy devices for Sleep disordered Expertise:

Proud of our history and our 30 years of experience, we put all our expertise at the service of our patients. We are constantly looking to improve our solutions, to create even more accurate and personalized cutting-edge technology. Sefam places a great deal of importance on feedback from customers, doctors, distributors and home healthcare providers, because only by working together the perfect solutions can be derived to achieve a common goal: to improve the health of patients. The Medical Advisory Board, guides Sefam. Thus, the products and services are inspired by doctors and researchers.

Sefam has all the necessary quality certifications (ISO 9001, EN 13485, FDA, etc.) demonstrating quality and safety of our devices.

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