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Sefam S.Box: A novel and innovative approach to manage your patients suffering of Respiratory Impairment or Sleep Breathing Disorders

: 06-Apr-2023     : SEFAM     Source : Microbioz Health

In the platform of S.Box, a new Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) device for non-dependant patients of Sleep Apnea Syndrome and Chronic Respiratory Failure.

The key feature of Cloud Connectivity makes patient care more flexible, efficient and yet very easy. Data Transmission option with modular – WiFi // GSM Modem, making life easier.

The patient is encouraged to become actively involved in his own treatment through the use of the Sefam S. Box concept.

As a component of an altered care pathway, the S. Box concept gives medical professionals the opportunity to provide more precise care to patients in terms of both initial treatment and ongoing monitoring.

Salient features and options of S.Box Duo S/ST for offering the best Comfort, Control and Connectivity for overall Care of your patients

  1. Timeless design by Philippe STARK
  2. Humidifier option
  3. Heated Tube Option
  4. Option for connecting Heated Tube independent to Humidifier.
  5. Patented FlowSens Technology for efficient Patient – Machine Synchrony.
  6. Mask Fit and Go – indication of Good Fit or leakage on screen.
  7. Humid Control+ and Adaptative ThermoControl – Automatic adaption to humidification and heating of patient tube.
  8. Mask Select – accurate calculation of unintentional leakage regardless of the mask used.
  1. Ramp setting
  2. Circuit Select – Selection of various types of patient tube or option for self-calibration with Specific Calibration feature.
  3. BT Oximetry
  4. Option for integrated PolyLink Module for Polygraphy test at home under controlled BPAP therapy with the S.Box Duo S/ST device
  5. Oxygen enrichment with optional non-return Oxygen inlet valve.
  6. SEFAM Analyze – Latest version of Analysis Software, one of the best in Industry, acknowledged and appreciated by leading Physicians and HC providers.
  7. SEFAM Access – a Mobile App for Patient to see own compliance parameters and manage the device settings remotely with BT connectivity.
  8. SEFAM Access PRO – a Comprehensive App for Home Care Providers / Physicians, integrating iAdapt function for monitoring delivered parameters like IPAP, EPAP, Respiratory Rate, Tidal Volume, Inspiratory time possible to set mode and parameters remotely, without stopping the BPAP therapy.

For more information:

Customer Service | India

T : +91 777 8910 601

E : [email protected]

Customer Service | France

T: +33 (0)3 83 44 85 50

E: [email protected]

About Sefam:

Since it was founded in 1982, the Nancy-based French company Sefam has been designing, manufacturing, and commercializing diagnostic and therapy devices for Sleep disordered Expertise:

Proud of our history and our 30 years of experience, we put all our expertise at the service of our patients. We are constantly looking to improve our solutions, to create even more accurate and personalized cutting-edge technology. Sefam places a great deal of importance on feedback from customers, doctors, distributors and home healthcare providers, because only by working together the perfect solutions can be derived to achieve a common goal: to improve the health of patients. The Medical Advisory Board, guides Sefam. Thus, the products and services are inspired by doctors and researchers. Sefam has all the necessary quality certifications (ISO 9001, EN 13485, FDA, etc.) demonstrating quality and safety of our devices.

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