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Survey cites enhanced patient experience and anxiety reduction as top benefits of Philips Ambient Experience

: 04-Mar-2021     : PHILIPS     Source : Microbioz Health

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, today announced the 2000th installation of its revolutionary patient-centric Ambient Experience solution, together with the results of a comprehensive customer survey that reveals 91% of users are likely, or extremely likely, to recommend Philips Ambient Experience to other hospitals. The survey also further confirms the solution’s ability to help hospitals deliver on the quadruple aim of enhanced patient and staff experiences, better outcomes, and lower cost of care. Philips’ 2000th Ambient Experience install started at the bdz Bilddiagnostisches Zentrum Münster in Germany, as an integral part of the diagnostic center’s newly equipped radiology suite.

Philips Ambient Experience solution is a unique combination of optimized design, site planning, proprietary software, lighting, sound, video projection and multimedia content that applies human-focused innovation and design thinking to offer hospital patients and staff an engaging and pleasant experience. It can be applied both in radiology exam/treatment rooms and peripheral areas such as reception areas and waiting rooms.

The majority of survey respondents indicate that Ambient Experience decreases patient tension (76%) and fear (71%), induces patient calmness (66%), and improves cooperation during exams (63%). Ambient Experience is found to have the highest added value for patients with claustrophobia or anxiety, pediatric patients, and patients undergoing longer studies like MRI exams. By helping to improve the patient experience and reducing anxiety, Ambient Experience can help facilitate first-time-right scans and diagnoses to help drive better health outcomes, improved hospital efficiency, and higher patient and staff satisfaction.

“Health systems are looking for ways to increasing patient satisfaction while improving patient throughput and compliance in diagnostic imaging,” said Werner Satter, General Manager Healthcare Experience Solutions at Philips. “Our customers confirm that Ambient Experience helps them improve the patient experience, reducing the patient’s anxiety and thereby increasing first-time-right imaging.”

Customer survey results across Europe and the U.S.
Analysis of the information provided by 59 respondents across Europe and the U.S. to a customer survey, conducted on behalf of Philips by The MarkeTech Group, indicate improved patient experience (endorsed by 83% of respondents) to be their most valuable attribute of using Ambient Experience in radiology exam rooms. The majority of customers surveyed (83%) indicated that Ambient Experience is at least impactful, and up to extremely impactful, in alleviating patient anxiety.

Based on their current use of the solution, 91% were likely or extremely likely, to recommend their current Ambient Experience offering to another hospital, and 87% were likely, or extremely likely, to include Ambient Experience as part of a new purchase. 75% of respondents in the US and 59% in Europe believe that Ambient Experience encourages patients to choose their facility.

The ability of Ambient Experience to help hospitals deliver on the quadruple aim is also supported by multiple studies across hospital sites in Germany, Denmark and the UK. More information is available in the Philips Ambient Experience Press Backgrounder.

Philips is showcasing its Ambient Experience solution during the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) virtual event (March 3-7, 2021). For more information on Philips’ new portfolio of diagnostic and interventional solutions and AI-enabled applications to enhance radiology workflows at ECR 2021, visit the Philips ECR site, and follow @PhilipsLiveFrom for updates throughout the event.

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