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Everything You Need to Know About Sefam S.Box

: 12-May-2023     : Microbioz Health     Source : SEFAM

As there is not one profile that suits all CPAP patients, we believe patients need to be treated individually and more effectively. S.Box is much more than a treatment device; it is an innovative concept of ‘precision medicine’ that puts the patients at the center of their treatment.

In addition to the innovations of the Auto-CPAP device, the S.Box by Starck concept offers mobile apps and the use of compatible connected devices.

These provide not only day-to-day follow up of the treatment but also other important patient-specific physiological parameters such as:

  1. Blood pressure
  2. Weight
  3. Physical activity
  4. Oxygen saturation
  5. Heart rate

The Sefam S.Box truly is the next step in advanced e-health technology, personalized medicine and makes the patient owner of his treatment.

The S.Box® concept offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to make patient treatment and follow-up more precise as part of an adapted care pathway.

This concept of personalized medicine, at the core of the Sefam S. Box platform, is illustrated by the mobile applications SEFAM Access (for the patient) and SEFAM Access Pro (for the professional).

“The S.Box concept offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to make patient treatment and follow-up more precise as part of an adapted care pathway.”

 The SEFAM Connect telemonitoring platform assures the security and integration of all information transmitted by the S.Box® and other compatible connected devices. The mobile apps SEFAM Access (for the patient) and SEFAM Access Pro (for the home care provider) provide access to this information as well as wireless communication with the S.Box®. The SEFAM Analyze software provides precise and detailed treatment analysis to the healthcare professional.

Functions of Sefam S. Box:


Intelligent Ramp: detects the moment when the patient is falling asleep switching on the auto-CPAP mode.

Intelligent start

Starts the treatment automatically upon breathing in the mask.

Wave and Go

A simple motion detection activates the screen, making it easy to access the machine’s menus during the night.

Mask fit and Go 

Easy check of the mask fit and leakage indication

CC+ mode

CC+ mode is a new comfort mode offering 3 levels of comfort.

Circuit selects 

S.Box automatically calculates and adapts to the resistance of the patient’s circuit regardless of its configuration (tube diameter and length and type of mask).

Mask selects 

Calculates precisely the unintentional leak of any type of mask.

Auto-CPAP mode

Our patented algorithm adjusts the pressure level automatically, reacting to all respiratory events, including flow limitations and snoring.

Adaptive thermo control 

ATC function is the automatic heated tube setting with the humidifier.

Humid control

Enables humidification without condensation taking into account the ambient temperature as well as the average flow rate in the patient circuit.

S.Box convenience enhancing benefits:

Features and functions that drive comfort help patients feel at ease with their treatment:

  • Lowers the burden of using the device
  • helps PTs accept treatment
  • Leads to improved compliance and treatment outcomes.
  • MD needs to be comfortable prescribing the machine.
  • Comfort tools reflect quality and technology.
  • MDs and sleep labs need comfort tools to help PTs be compliant. More tools mean more options to get it right for the PT.
  • HCP need comfort enhancing tools.
  1. Assist HCP in helping PTs accept and adhere to treatment
  2. Gives tools to HCP to improve treatment
  3. Lead to PTs having confidence in their HCP
  4. More compliance and fewer dropouts
  • Easy-to-use design, features, and functions may lower the barriers that limit the usage of the machine.
  • PTs need to want to use the machine, leading to more compliance and better treatment outcomes.
  • Convenience leads to more efficiency and less time lost during setup, titration, PT training, etc.
  • Convenience drives efficiency and reduces the cost of operations.
  • More efficiency
  • Easier to instruct patients (e.g., by the help desk).
  • Doing more setups per day (productivity)
  • Easier to set machines from a distance.
  • Less need to go to the PT home, etc.
  • Cost savings

For more information:

Customer Service | India

T : +91 777 8910 601

E : [email protected]

Customer Service | France

T: +33 (0)3 83 44 85 50

E: [email protected]

About Sefam:

Since it was founded in 1982, the Nancy-based French company Sefam has been designing, manufacturing, and commercializing diagnostic and therapy devices for Sleep disordered Expertise:

Proud of our history and our 30 years of experience, we put all our expertise at the service of our patients. We are constantly looking to improve our solutions, to create even more accurate and personalized cutting-edge technology. Sefam places a great deal of importance on feedback from customers, doctors, distributors and home healthcare providers, because only by working together the perfect solutions can be derived to achieve a common goal: to improve the health of patients. The Medical Advisory Board, guides Sefam. Thus, the products and services are inspired by doctors and researchers. Sefam has all the necessary quality certifications (ISO 9001, EN 13485, FDA, etc.) demonstrating quality and safety of our devices.

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