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Software and tools for efficient follow-up of your patient’s treatment : Sefam

: 14-Nov-2022     : SEFAM     Source : Microbioz Health

As there is not one profile that suits all CPAP patients, we believe patients need to be treated individually and more effectively. S.Box is much more than a treatment device; it is an innovative concept of ‘precision medicine’ that puts the patients at the center of their treatment.

 Sefam Connect

Reserved for healthcare professionals, ‘Sefam Connect’ is a simple and intuitive application for patient follow-up, guaranteeing security and data confidentiality.

Sefam Connect is a complete solution for healthcare providers that allows:

  • The monitoring of the machines hooked-up to patients.
  • The data transmission of compliance
  • Rapid access to simple tables and graphs created by the software
  • Easy to synthesize the main processing parameters
  • Programming of various alerts
  • Remote access and settings of the machine parameters

 Sefam Analyze

‘Sefam Analyze’ is the data management software associated with S.Box exclusive to the healthcare professionals. The main functions are:

  • Recovery of compliance data
  • Visualization and analysis of all data including some high-definition data such as flow rate or SPO2 from an external oximeter
  • Editable of a configurable report
  • Sending data to the Sefam Connect platform via the Up to Cloud function
  • Possibility of configuring the analysis parameter
  • The possibility of pre-programming several sessions with different parameters during the titration period

Sefam Access

‘Sefam Access’ is a free mobile app that has been created especially for the patients.

Thanks to Sefam Access, patients can follow their treatment indicators day-by-day as well as other health parameters (can be entered manually or via automatically acquired via Bluetooth enabled ‘connected devices’).

It offers multiple advantages such as:

  • Day-to-day follow up of Boxtreatment efficacy
  • Integration of other health data from peripheral connected devices
  • Communication with healthcare professionals
  • Remote control of S.Box
  • FAQ for patient’s queries.
  • The app shows the data in a simple and educational format, in numbers and in graphs and color-coded for easy interpretation.
  • ‘Sefam Access’ app is available both on iOS and Android platforms.

 For more information:

Customer Service | India

T: +91 777 8910 601

E: [email protected]

Customer Service | France

T: +33 (0)3 83 44 85 50

E: [email protected]

About Sefam :

Since it was founded in 1982, the Nancy-based French company Sefam has been designing, manufacturing, and commercializing diagnostic and therapy devices for Sleep disordered Expertise:

Proud of our history and our 30 years of experience, we put all our expertise at the service of our patients.

We are constantly looking to improve our solutions, to create even more accurate and personalized cutting-edge technology. Sefam places a great deal of importance on feedback from customers, doctors, distributors and home healthcare providers, because only by working together the perfect solutions can be derived to achieve a common goal: to improve the health of patients. The Medical Advisory Board, guides Sefam. Thus, the products and services are inspired by doctors and researchers.

Sefam has all the necessary quality certifications (ISO 9001, EN 13485, FDA, etc.) demonstrating quality and safety of our devices.

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