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The appreciation from colleagues and patients is a great motivating factor for putting that extra hard work: An interview with Dr. Ramesh S. Shenoy

: 07-Mar-2021     : Kumar Jeetendra     Source : Microbioz Health

The appreciation from colleagues and patients is a great motivating factor for putting that extra hard work: An interview with Dr. Ramesh S. Shenoy, Senior Consultant Radiologist, Lisie Hospital, Kochi

What prompted you to become a doctor & why did you choose this specialization?

Dr. Ramesh S. Shenoy, Recieving IRIA National Presidents Appreciation award

The healing touch of a Doctor and my childhood experiences with my family physician and Pediatrician left a lasting impression on me. The decision was made to join medicine and my parents were ready with support and encouragement.
Having completed MBBS, Radiology was a natural choice for specialization . Radiology has all the challenges and thrills of Diagnostics. At the same time there is the opportunity to interact with every other branch of Medicine and Surgery making Radiologist ‘A Consultant to Consultants’. Besides the possibility to do interventions both vascular and non-vascular has been an added attraction. The other important aspect is that Radiology is a Technology driven branch wherein there is a synergy of Engineers, Physicists and Doctors constantly innovating for better patient care and management.

What do you do if a patient refuses care at the risk of his or her own safety under your medication?

As a matter of policy , I do explain the procedure to the patient before the start of any examination giving due importance to the role of Radiology in further management. Its been my experience that if one is willing to spend some time with the patient allaying his/her fears and apprehensions, rarely do we get to see someone refusing to undergo Radiological investigations .
How do you like to be recognized for your hard work?

Radiology is a branch where you are recognized more by your colleagues than patients. Its heartening to be part of the clinical team providing directions and guidance for appropriate investigations and optimal management. The appreciation from colleagues and patients is a great motivating factor for putting that extra hard work. Activities in Radiology Associations , geared towards the common good of every member is another area of recognition and goodwill.
What are your biggest job motivators? Its patient care or certain responsibilities?

The biggest job motivators are patient care and peer recognition. Radiologists are dutybound to make patient management smooth effective and timebound and there is no more joy than seeing this happening . Peer recognition is a natural step in this whole process as one realizes the confidence with which our colleagues rely on us for accurate diagnosis.Recognition always comes with added responsibilities . This would mean diligence in patient care and interpretation of results and also appropriate communication to both patients and referring Doctor.
How do you try and create a great patient experience?

Explaining the procedure to the patients is the first step to gain their confidence. Patient safety is something we stress upon and they do understand that it is our priority . In the present period of Pandemic , an extra effort is put in to make the environment safe and secure for the patient as well as the Radiologist and other Health workers .

With the upsurge in Medical Imaging, has the role and responsibility shifted or changed?

The role and responsibility of Radiologists are undergoing a change with the current upsurge in Technology . From being just a member of the clinical team, Radiologist will have to assume the role of key player and driving force – all the more with the increasing use of Radiomics and Artificial Intelligence. The other emerging area is Preventive medicine with a stress on Early detection- Mammograhy, low dose CT for Lung Cancer sceening , Calcium scoring for Coronary Artery Disease, Liver Elastography for early detection of fibrosis and CT Virtual Colonoscopy are few examples in this regard.
Is Radiology/medical imaging the fastest growing segment of healthcare?

There is no doubt that Radiology is the fastest growing segment of Health Care . Every Year new Technological innovations come in to reduce scan times and increase resolution, and further patient comfort


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