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An Interview with Dr. Bhaskar Neog from Hayat Super speciality hospital, Guwahati

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Microbioz India performs an interview with Dr. Bhaskar Neog, MBBS Working in Hayat Super speciality hospital, Guwahati as a deputy consultant in the department of diabetology and internal medicine.

Here I am sharing you few interesting points of interaction with Dr. Bhaskar.

What prompted you to become a doctor and why did you choose this specialization?

Ans- The first thing that prompted me to become a doctor was my inner feelings which I used to have seeing my father as a doctor during my childhood days. As I child, I was very anxious to know about the medicines that he used to prescribe to his patients whether it was in oral or any inject able form. I used to go through the books and the medical updates (having colorful photographs) during my childhood days even though I did not understand anything. I was very curious to know more regarding this field.

This is the reason why I chose this specialization because medicines always gave me a curiosity to know more and more. Moreover, it is a very dynamic field where you get to know newer facts and updates on a daily basis. If you can update yourself with the newer facts and data available, patient treatment and care is much more improved.

What do you do if a patient refuses care at the risk of his or her own safety under your …..

Ans- If a patient refuses care; firstly, I try to explain him about the pros and cons that he or she is going to face. I try to counsel him or her in details about the disease course, prognosis and treatment. Even after that if he or she is not interested in taking treatment, then I try to refer the patient to some other doctor or a hospital where he or she may find it convenient to get his or her illness treated and cured.

What would you do if a physician questions the accuracy of your work?

Ans- If a physician questions the accuracy of my work, then I would like to question him about my shortcomings if I m wrong in any part during treatment or diagnosing any illness. Then I would like to change my treatment plan accordingly if I am convinced with his replies or his treatment plan. Medical science is a very dynamic field and we need to update ourselves very frequently. So, I am always open to new suggestions and newer ideas provided they have got enough evidence.

How would you like to be recognized for your hard work?

Ans-I would like to be recognized as a good physician and a good human being in this society for my hard work. I would like to treat and cure as many numbers of patients as possible with the best form of treatment available and at the lowest possible expenses that they can incur.

What are your biggest job motivators? Its patient care or certain responsibilities?

Ans- My biggest job motivator is my patients. After treating a patient successfully, it gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to go and treat more and more number of patients.

Both patient care and their responsibilities are responsible for motivating me in my job. It’s because of these patients that I get enough motivation to give more dedication and effort in my job which is quite demanding at certain times.

How do you try and create a great patient experience?

Ans- To create a great patient experience, a doctor needs to create an environment where the patient would find it very convenient to deal with the physician and the hospital staff at all times. I try to be very friendly and cooperative at all times. With some simple measures and steps, we can create a patient friendly environment where in the patient will be satisfied with the doctor and as a result, I believe, treatment outcomes will be much better.

How many patients do you feel comfortable providing care to at one time?

Ans- The fewer the number of patients, the better care they receive.  At the most, I feel comfortable with 8 to 10 patients in the IPD (indoor patient dept). With limited number of patients, it is possible to give them individual attention which results in better patient care and treatment, which, on the other hand reduces the period of hospital stay and as a result, the rates of nosocomial infections are also reduced.

What types of technology are you most experienced with?

Ans- It is obviously the Smartphone which everyone uses nowadays. The various medical apps that are available are very user friendly (doctor friendly) which provides us a lot of updated information regarding patient treatment and care which, in turn, helps in providing better treatment and as a result, treatment outcomes are much better than what it used to be previously. There are some apps with the help of which we can keep and update patient information and data. These apps are of much use and are very valuable in our day to day practice.

How do you deal with stressful work situations?

Ans- Each and every doctor has to deal with stress daily. It varies from person to person how one deals with such stressful situations. I try to face and sort out problems in the hospital itself, as far as possible. I also try to get myself indulged in fulfilling my hobbies (oil painting, photography) which helps quite a lot in reducing stress whether it is in the work front or in any other field.

How recently invented modern technologies are making doctors life easier?

Ans- Newly invented modern technologies are making doctors life much easier. The various medical apps, diagnostic machines and techniques along with the various medical apps available, it has become much easier for us doctors to provide better patient care and treatment in much shorter time duration which further reduces hospital stay and cuts down treatment costs. With the advent of modern technology, doctors have become dependent on them which help in better treatment outcomes.

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