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Mindray’s AI driven futuristic Ultrasound technologies will be the pro- choice by radiologist

: 30-Dec-2020     : Kumar Jeetendra     Source : Microbioz Health

Ultrasound imaging is fast evolving and adopting Artificial Intelligence-based technologies more than before for quicker and more precise diagnosis. Dr Rajeev Virmani – National Clinical Marketing Manager- Ultrasound Imaging System, Mindray Medical India Private Limited emphasizes, how modern ultrasound technologies are evolving and it eventually brings phenomenal improvements in imaging practice by offering patients efficient and cost-effective treatments.

What prompted you to become a Radiology professional & why did you choose this specialization?
From the early days of my Medical School, I realized that there was some innate knack that pushed me towards technology and its apt utilization for best patient outcomes. By the time, I was in 4th year and already had good exposure to various branches in Clinical Medicine, it got ingrained in my mind that “Radiology and Imaging” is where I belong.

As a Radiologist, one really feels being at the center of patient care, irrespective whether it’s a patient referred from Medicine, Surgery, OBG or ENT, as every patient from every demographic rely on medical imaging to diagnose and treat conditions. So, any successful Radiologist must be equally strong in the clinical knowledge of all other specialties in order to interpret medical images and advise other physicians for clinical workups.
Personally, I have always been a seeker. I get a lot of satisfaction in nourishing my quest to get to the root cause of the events. In Medicine, events can be named as diseases and the tool for me to understand them is RADIOLOGY.

What improvements would you like to see in ultrasound technology that can assist you in better patient outcomes in future?

More Artificial Intelligence-based technologies for day-to-day work can assist with quicker and more precise diagnosis. Emphasis is being moved from image optimization based on AI to image acquisition based on AI. There is also an aspiration to better use and acceptability of emerging technologies such as Elastography and Contrast Imaging.
Finally, I would like to focus more on easy-to-use applications such as Smart OB, Smart Plane CNS, Smart Pelvic and Auto EF that enable beginners to gain confidence with excellent patient results in a very short period of time.

How has ultrasound helped in improving pregnancy outcomes in patients?
Ultrasound has a role to play in modern-day medicine, from preconception to post delivery. The advent of easy-to-use technology such as Smart-OB has made it possible for more and more gynecologists to accept this as a reliable instrument that allows them to make fast decisions. In diagnosing and treating the major causes of neonatal death, ranging from infections, birth asphyxia or congenital abnormalities, ultrasound may offer considerable benefit, thereby minimizing fetal and maternal loss.

Being a National Clinical Marketing manager for Ultrasound system, tell us about the growth trends in the radiology market within this pandemic?
Pandemic has put a lot of focus on emergency and bedside ultrasound. Delivering fast and accurate diagnosis has taken center stage. Use of the ultrasound for unconventional application like Lung Scan and Fluid Management is seen in a big way. Point of Care(POC) Ultrasound is growing rapidly and there is a decent acceptance of AI based functions like Smart B Line for faster and precise diagnosis. Also, tablet ultrasounds like TE7 would gain more attention because of its special design for POC, and easy disinfection. There is going to be huge demand for technology that can help clinicians to address diagnostic challenges and make rapid decisions in fast-paced, overburdened and demanding hospital environments especially during critical and emergency cases.

To cater to these demands, we are also introducing latest technologies in Models like ME Series featuring smart fluid management solutions, comprehensive disinfection solution, convenient and agile mobility, intuitive interface and flexible battery solutions.

What do you foresee for the Healthcare and Medical Imaging Industry in the coming months?
In the coming months the industry will witness major investments in healthcare facilities with a focus on clinical quality and a robust surveillance system to enhance health infrastructure.
Telehealth and Telemedicine would see more positive adoption as compared to Pre Covid days.
Last but not least, customer support for any company would continue to be of prime importance.

We at Mindray take this very seriously as well. Our delivery is backed up in terms of both manpower and spare parts by the company’s efficient support system. We provide life saving devices such as ICU grade ventilators, patient monitors and IVD instruments in addition to ultrasound Imaging devices and fully recognize the value of the support system to go on with the responsibility of a valued contributor to the entire healthcare ecosystem.

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Anjali Malhotra
Anjali Malhotra
3 years ago


3 years ago

Very insightful comment on the use of technology in medical field. We need such non-conventional but promising solutions to our problems.
Good to read your work and words Dr. Virmani