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Missing Links -a key for Covid 19 Suggested Design through Immunity (Vyadhikshamatva)Beej Mantra Chikitsa

: 10-Jun-2020     : Dr Gaurav Shukla 1*, Dr Aarti G Shukla, Dr Tarini Vats , Dr Neelam Vats - Shri Yugal Sharan Ji Maharaj, Lupta Vigyaan Evam Swasthya Anusandhan Kendra, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India     Source : Microbioz Health

Study reveals that every system developed its own model of cause of disease such as epidemiological triad of agent, host and environment in allopathy, miasms in homoeopathy and doshas in Ayurveda.


Health and diseases have always been matters of concern of the society. A question was raised as to the different approaches in the causation of disease to find a better cure.
Study reveals that every system developed its own model of cause of disease such as epidemiological triad of agent, host and environment in allopathy, miasms in homoeopathy and doshas in Ayurveda. Inspite of apparent divergence there appears to be no material divergence of approach in the causation of infectious diseases among various systems of medicine. Similarly, all systems of medicine have observed that the susceptibility of the host is different in every body, resulting in different responses to same external agent and environment. This phenomenon is called as immunity in allopathy, vital force in homoeopathy and Vyadhikshamatva in Ayurveda. By whatever named called or understood they are ‘Thoughts”.
Vyadhikshamatva known to Ayurveda is a broad concept comprising the whole modern understanding of immunology and other gross and subtle factors paying attention to the prevention and progression of diseases in human body. Different aspects of Vyadhikramatva as found in treatises have been elaborated. If cause of vaat, pitta kaph is thought so the concept of immunity is also a thought. Mantra is also treated as a thought. So when thought of Mantra is triggered, its immediate impact is a spurt in generating and strengthening the antigens in the body.

Beejmantra is the key sound of a mantra connected with 9 dhatus in the body and different chakras. Shreebeejmantra meditation. Assumptions in the beejmantra chikitsa are: that we are 3 in a body a: Sthool Sharir (Body) b: Sooksham Sharir (Manna)c: Karan Sharir ( Aatma) and that every particle bears intelligence and there is a cumulative intelligence (Karan Sharir) which governs the course of action of each single particle (Sthool Sharir & Sooksham Sharir).

Role of beejmantras in acting as catalyst for electro-chemical action in the body to fight against diseases and in the cure is proved. This when applied to benign subjects in the community resulted in increased immunity level, keeping them safe from the possible attack. Recent outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic provided an opportunity to test the effectivity of beejmantra therapy as isolated or supportive therapy. The same when applied to asymptomatic carriers has resulted in their faster cure.

However, the number of cases of full blown confirmed Covid 19 cases are limited as the patients are mostly under official regimented therapy as approved by ICMR. Still, few on whom beejmantra recitation sound therapy has been applied have shown better results and have not shown any adverse results.
Material & method
Literary method of research was adopted from different texts on different systems of medicine to understand the common thread in the causation of disease. Effects of mantras and beejmantras (which is a lost science by now)on human body were observed and confirmed with scientific iools.
The thesis of beejmantra chikitsa goes to fill a gap between divergent causes of disease under the three prevalent therapies. It looks at the initial stage of creation, prior to the doshas, miasms or pathogens recognized by the three prevalent therapies. It looks into the intelligence of body cells of which body mass is made and its connection with the intelligence in the Universe.

The intelligence of cells can be supported or directed by certain specific sounds known as beejmantras. However, the science having been lost for centuries, more studies and empirical research during this Covid 19 pandemic is required to hone the science for better universal health.

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