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Effectiveness of healing with Beej Mantra

: 04-Jan-2020     : Dr Arti,Dr Gaurav Shukla and Dr. Tarini Vats, MD,Dr. Neelam Vats     Source : Microbioz Health

Beej Mantra is the shortest form of a Mantra just like a Beej (seed) which when sown grows into a tree. When recited together these Beej Mantras give humans lot of positive energy. They are the vibrations, and represent the “call” of the soul. It is a belief that when the universe was created then the sounds produced during the cosmic evolution were basically the Beej mantras. After attaining knowledge of the Beej Mantras and understanding its connections with Mind, Body & Soul, the individual can use subtle energy to heal physical and psychological ailments. Today we are having diseases / disorders primarily due to a sedentary lifestyle. From our traditional eastern knowledge & understanding of the source code we have designed a unique meditation program using Beej Mantras This program aims at reducing ill effects of diseases connected with stress like Diabetes, BP, Thyroid, obesity and keeps you tranquil- a key to stay healthy. Diabetes occurs due to imbalance in us, so we have to bring back homeostasis. Mainly stress, anxiety, fear, desire for approval from self and others, lack of self love or love in life. Increased stress levels or hidden stress start affecting the whole internal physical system, including metabolism, hormone secretion etc. causing the pancreas to get overburdened. This disrupts its proper functioning and results in a rise of the sugar level. By training to bring back the homeostasis/balance through meditation Total Wellness Program can be helpful in managing most of the diseases. It is free from side effects and if followed diligently can make you free from diabetes, BP, Thyroid etc.

About us:

Dr Arti & Dr Gaurav Shukla

Dr Arti Shukla: A PhD in psycho-sociology and is a depression expert, a dermatoglyphics expert, she is a healer and an expert counselor.

Dr Gaurav Shukla: Previously a MBA marketing with 16 yrs of corporate exposure – a DGM in Videocon Telecom, Cadbury, Reliance, Airtel till he decided to move into a completely different field and went on to do extensive research in Education, Diagnostics and Healing and got Masters & PhD in Sanskrit. Both live in Mumbai. Together we are amongst the pioneers in the field of researching our traditional wisdom practices and creating meditative techniques and applications that can bring about fast healing. We integrated behavior, with Beej Mantras and conceived the comprehensive techniques designed to cleanse and energize the physical body, mind & Soul. This process accelerated the rate at which the body can heal itself. Our training process is designed in a manner that even new students can rapidly learn the techniques to heal simple ailments.

This enables them to produce immediate positive results that contribute to a life of good health and well-being.

Dr. Tarini Vats, MD.: Adaptive medical graduate with proven experience with data entry and medical terminology. Experience with multiple fields of medicine. Multi-tasker, detail-oriented and team player with excellent interpersonal skills. Effectively communicates with medical personnel, colleagues, and patients.

Dr. Neelam Vats: Certified CBT Practitioner (CBT), September, 2018, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, San Francisco CA.

Our vision

Vision is to put India onto the world map in traditional wisdom practices of healing by leveraging past wisdom residing in our shastras, devoid of superstitious beliefs and ancient unsubstantiated rituals. After more than a decade of research, we formulated new concepts and techniques – Beej Mantra Healing that helped explain energy healing as a practical science. Our endeavor is to systematize the world of energy healing in to a comprehensive structured body of knowledge. We have, in fact, demonstrated this in one hour sessions with more than 150 people concurrently whose BP and Sugar readings showed a significantly lower value post the meditation.

Program details:

  • Special Beej Mantra techniques
  • Breathing techniques
  • Soulfulness Meditation
  • Diet
  • Healing
  • Consultation
  • Ayurvedic Supplements with Tissue salts
  • Stress buster techniques
  • Sandhi Marma stress points Knowledge sessions


  • 45 Minutes
  • 5 Min Opening
  • 10 Min. of Intro to Concept, Chakra assessment & Report
  • 20 Min of Labdhikagra Meditation
  • 5 Min of Mass Pronunciation of Phonemes.
  • 5 Min Closing

End results:

Activates all cells in the body, improves circulation and increases vital energy flow, reduces stress,

anxiety and depression

Deep relaxation and pain relief

Lowers anger and blood pressure

Cleanses negative energy and emotions

Balances both hemispheres of brain and improves sleep

Stimulates, balances and purifies our senses and chakras, and enhances aura removes blockages and toxins, and gives you a healthy glow

Promotes stillness, happiness and well being

Strengthens immune system, soothes and harmonizes emotions & feelings, changes old unhealthy thought patterns & habits that no longer serve us deepens meditation and connection with higher self

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