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Mantra Chikitsa in Tulsidas Krat RamCharitManas and its impact on 48 students

: 28-Apr-2020     : Dr Arti Shukla, Dr Gaurav Shukla, Dr Neelam Vats, Dr Tarini Vats,Mr. Ravi Sharma & Dr. Rajkumari Chomal     Source : Microbioz Health

Mantra Chikitsa in Tulsidas Krat RamCharitManas and its impact on 48 students of PEC Chandigarh Pre & Post Meditation through BeejMantra on Weight, BP, SPO2, BMI, BPS, BPD, BPP


Ayurveda deals with philosophy of life and living being. For treatment Charak classified the treatment principle in, 1. Daivavyapasrayachikitsa, 2. Yuktivyapasrayachikitsa, 3. Sattavajayachikitsa. In Daivavyapasrayachikitsa, Daiva comes in relation to Aatma (Soul) which is drashta of the Purvajanma. Daivavyapasrayais the spiritual therapy related to blessings and influence of god and consist of Mantra, Ausadhi, Mani dharan, Mangal, Bali, Upahar, Homa, Niyama, Prayachitta, Upavasa, Swastaayana, Pranipataand Yatragamana.

Here the mantras are the sacred words having spiritual potency. RamCharitManas describes the cause of disease as Moh (Agyaan), Vaat(Kaam), Kaph(Lobh) & Pitta (Kroadh) and all three are thoughts, so he interpreted the cause of disease is our thoughts (Desires-Wants) and mantras (purpose) are also thoughts which counters negativity caused by thoughts.

Their power is not in the word themselves but in the emotion – Ras vibration created when they are uttered mentally. Mantra – the soul therapy of healing effect on the body, mind and spirit through the movement of praan, oaj, tej and it changes the chemical in brain which relaxes the brain (theta outburst), detoxify the mind, cleansing the cellular toxin. Mantra instill confidence, improve concentration and soul therapy in the medicine of the future, soul as a creator of mind & body wave of consciousness protects us from several diseases and reforms the future.

Aims & Objective

The aim of the present study was to know the effect of the beej mantra meditation on the student’s BP, Pulse, spo2, Weight and pulse rate.


48 PEC Chandigarh 1st Yr students practiced Beej Mantra meditation technique through a one-hour lecture.


Significant number of students reported to be more attentive, comfortable, relaxed and had better memory and had significant reduction in mean pulse rate, Weight, BP. Students expressed a feeling of relaxation and of having a fun filled learning atmosphere after meditation.


This simple and easy technique of BeejMantra meditation could be adopted to enhance student reduction in Stress.

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