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Saifee Hospital Ramps Up Kidney Stone Treatment with Thulium Laser Tech

: 23-Mar-2021     : Saifee Hospital     Source : --

Mumbai, 23rd March 2021: Saifee Hospital, a renowned multi-specialty healthcare facility in Mumbai, updated its clinical specialty equipment with the installation of Thulium fiber laser (TFL), a revolutionary technology in kidney stone treatment. The hospital earlier offered the more commonly used Holmium: YAG laser. The recent upgrade is seen as a game changer in the field, offering a more efficient, flexible, and safer means to administer laser treatment.

Before TFL Holmium:YAG laser was considered the best in lithotripsy technology. TFL is now widely seen as a vast improvement on Holmium: YAG laser because of its higher efficiency that offers multiple additional benefits. These include a four-fold higher absorption of coefficient in water, lower energy consumption, smaller operating laser fibres, and higher maximal pulse repetition rate. In layman’s terms, it makes the TFL 1.5–4 times faster in breaking the kidney stones. This makes it particularly beneficial in ureteroscopy.

Commenting on the installation Dr. Hiren S. Sodha, Senior Consultant Urologist at Saifee Hospital Mumbai said, “At Saifee Hospital we are always striving to bring the best in healthcare technology for our patients. It is with this aim that we offer cutting-edge medical technology for various medical procedures, from diagnostics to treatment and aftercare. Thulium fibre laser is widely seen as a ground-breaking development in the field of kidney stone treatment which allows for far more effective medical care. It is highly precise action of the laser also reduces patient morbidity. As a laser tech, it is safer and highly efficient and is unlikely to need long hospitalisation. Hence, it can indirectly help save treatment cost.”

Kidney stone is one the most painful and common disorders of the urinary system. In India, it affects close to 2 million people every year. Apart from possible long-term effects on renal health, it can also have an economic fallout due to loss of income caused by ill health and the cost of hospitalisation. Technology like TFL can make a significant difference in ensuring better medical care for patients.

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