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HCG Cancer Hospital launches state- of-the-art Day Care Centre in Bengaluru

: 02-Mar-2021     : HCG CANCER HOSPITAL     Source : HCG CANCER HOSPITAL

Bangalore, 2nd March 2021: HCG Cancer Hospital, the specialist in cancer care launched the state-of-the-art daycare centre in Bengaluru. This highly specialized advanced center will help patients improve their cancer therapy regimens. The daycare centres are located at Malleshwaram, Banashankari, and Kalyanagar. Patients can access a full-fledged and specialized daycare centre with a 360-degree approach towards promoting wellness of cancer patients and survivors. These daycare centres aim at facilitating cancer-related treatments under a single roof with better outcomes and in improving cancer treatments with accessible services.

The new clinical model will be at par with the best-in-class available technology and clinical expertise along with a personalized care in an ‘un-hospital’ like environment so that it can cater to the growing needs of patients in the neighborhood. This facility will enable patients to receive surgical treatment without being admitted to the hospital.

The amenities available at this centre are intended to enhance the patient experience. Some of these services include rapid diagnostics for cancer detection on the same day, day care chemotherapy infusion, radiology, laboratory services, nuclear medicine scans (including PET CT – analog & digital), minor procedures, biopsies, etc.

Dr. BS Ajaikumar, Executive Chairman, HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd. Said, “HCG Hospitals has always been at the forefront providing quality care to its patients. I am excited to announce the launch of the outpatient daycare centre at our Bengaluru hub. The global pandemic emerged critical, as most patients delayed their diagnosis and treatment due to the fear of contracting the virus. The daycare centre will facilitate early treatment options, increasing accessibility with better outcomes and lesser hospital stay. The day care centre will cater to patients in Bangalore and neighboring areas”.
Dr. Murali Subramanian, Director & Senior Medical Oncologist, HCG Day Care Centre said, “The daycare centres will offer consultations, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapies. These centres will be equipped to handle minor office biopsy procedures under local anesthesia with all basic and advanced onco-diagnostics. The centres will work in sync with the state-of-art comprehensive cancer centre at KR road. At day care centre, patients can consult skilled and experienced medical oncologists in an ambient treatment setting with immense support from our team of specialized onco-nurses. Patients can walk home the same day of chemotherapy infusion which will save both time and resources. With the new services, patients will also have the choice of a second opinion, enabling the doctors to choose the best line of treatment”.

Dr. Balakrishna Shetty, Chairman, Isha Diagnostics said, “Early diagnosis is very important in cancer management. Accurate diagnosis of cancer is also mandatory. Isha Diagnostics is known for early and accurate diagnosis of most of the disease processes including cancer for the last 15 years. Patients with suspicious disease will have expert consultation, clinical diagnosis from oncologists and immediate laboratory and imaging studies, all under one roof. This will save critical time and energy of patients. Golden Hour is the policy we follow, that means a comprehensive diagnosis within an hour, this is possible because of the availability of expert diagnosticians and state of the art equipment at Isha Diagnostics, Malleshwaram, Bangalore”.
About HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd.
HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd (HCG), is one of the largest providers of cancer care in India. Through its network of 22 comprehensive cancer centers across India and Africa, HCG has brought advanced cancer care to the doorstep of millions of people. HCG’s comprehensive cancer centers provide expertise and advanced technologies required for the effective diagnosis and treatment of cancer under one roof. Under the “Milann” brand, HCG operates 7 fertility centers. Strand Life Sciences, an associate company of HCG, is a precision diagnostics company with strong track record in bioinformatics and a pioneer of genomic testing in India.

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