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5 Stand-out Features of Virtual dissection anatomy table

: 07-Apr-2023     : Kumar Jeetendra     Source : Microbioz Health

Did you know? Real cadavers are not only hard to come by, but they almost always have the potential to be contaminated. A digital anatomy dissection table is a piece of medical education technology that replaces the traditional dissection table with a computer and various software programmes. Software designed for use on computers or tablets provides students with the opportunity to explore and learn about 3D models of the human body.

Here I am sharing with you the five stand-out features of the virtual dissection anatomy table:

  1. Technology such as a “virtual anatomy dissection table” is increasingly being used in medical schools as a means of teaching anatomy to students without the use of cadavers or actual dissection. Students can explore virtual 3D models of the human body by touching and moving them around on a large touch screen table or display.
  2. Students have the ability to manipulate and investigate virtual models of many anatomical structures, including organs, bones, muscles, and other tissues and organs. They are even able to replicate dissections and surgeries, as well as spin the models in any way and zoom in and out.
  3. Virtual anatomy dissection tables can be used as a supplement to or in substitution of in-person anatomy labs because of the realistic and immersive learning experience they give. Because of the scarcity of cadavers, or for other ethical or practical reasons, they are especially helpful for medical schools and programmes.
  4. Asclepius, the leading brand of virtual dissection anatomy tables, has been proven to be an invaluable tool for the classroom. A complete human anatomical atlas, along with the capability to interpret CT/MRI data and construct 3D models from them. The Asclepius is gaining popularity as a teaching aid in the medical field. Student understanding and visualisation of the human body’s complex architecture is greatly aided by the Asclepius’s versatility in dissection. Teachers in schools of medicine can also benefit greatly from using the Asclepius.
  5. The use of virtual anatomy dissection tables offers a learning experience that is both realistic and immersive, and they can either be utilised in addition to or in instead of more traditional anatomy lab education. They are especially helpful for medical schools or programmes who have limited access to cadavers or that are searching for ways to eliminate the usage of animal or human cadavers for either ethical or practical reasons.

Surglass Ascelpius, a virtual anatomy dissection table developed in Taiwan and distributed in India by Unimeditrek Pvt Ltd, is one example. These tools are becoming more and more common in medical education and are probably going to play an even bigger part in how we teach anatomy in the future.

About Unimeditrek Pvt Ltd:

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