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Phantom Healthcare – A Revolution of Refurbished MRIs’ Market

: 04-Feb-2019     : Kumar Jeetendra     Source : Microbioz Health

India’s medical imaging equipment market has been on a constant rise since a long time. Large population size, increasing spending capacity of the population, expanding network of the private hospital chains and growing penetration of the private standalone diagnostic services are the major factors that have influenced the increase in establishments of healthcare units including hospitals and diagnostic centers.

Be it any region, the Diagnostic and Imaging facilities have a direct co-relation with growth in number of hospitals and clinics. Not only in metros and big cities, but also in smaller cities and towns the number of new hospitals and clinics are on increasing. Rise in the number of patients has created a need for low cost yet advanced imaging equipments in the market. Due to the high cost of new medical equipments, it is not always possible to provide have the latest medical facilities. Refurbished medical equipments have solved this problem to a large extend. Being able to buy top branded medical equipments at an affordable price is the basis for refurbished medical equipment market in India.

An alternate perspective for the OEMs could be not to see refurbished systems as “cannibalizing” the market for new systems but rather as an additional market at lower price points. The refurbished medical equipment market gives the equipment a longer revenue-generating lifespan while creating a steady market for state-of-the-art equipment.

The refurbished medical equipments not only help in providing increased access to healthcare facilities in market and handling cost pressures but also generate economic benefits from extending the lifecycle value of manufactured equipment and creating new jobs, growth and investment in the country.

When we talk of an Imaging Center, MRI is the largest equipment category in terms of sales revenue. A refurbished MRI has the ability to offer high speed scanning combined with high image quality and that too at an effective cost. Refurbishment is defined as “a systematic process that ensures safety and effectiveness of the medical equipment without significantly changing the equipment’s or system’s performance, safety specifications and/or changing intended use as in its original registration” .

Although a cost effective refurbished MRI may seem as an ideal opportunity to increase the medical facilities but a strategic and cautious planning is required to choose the right vendor for it. A considerable amount of time should be spent with a vendor understanding the refurbished process and evaluating the options.

Phantom Healthcare is a global market leader for refurbished GE 1.5T and 3.0T MRI scanners in India, with 130+ satisfied clients. In the last 8 years, we have worked with many healthcare providers and thus very well understand the economic challenges faced by our potential and existing clients. At Phantom Healthcare, our team views the clients as family and thus truly believes in “Client success is our reward”.

Over the years, the name ‘Phantom Healthcare’ has become synonymous with price competitive products coupled with reliable services for medical imaging

equipment in India. Right from understanding the requirements from the beginning of a project to the handover of the equipment on site, our team is very attentive and receptive to client concerns. Our attractive pricing options enables clients plan more than one diagnostic center rather than planning a single center with new equipment.

Being a quality conscious organization, we not only aim at providing giving high quality equipment but also responsive after sales service. Our equipments are well covered with maintenance warranty and upgraded with latest software. Be it the inspection of the equipment before procurement or check on software upgradation status or identification for defective parts (including decals buttons and knobs) along with its service history and maintenance records, every step is performed professionally. Our equipment undergoes a complete overhaul from cleaning, replacement of defective parts and functionality testing. We at Phantom, ensure that our refurbished MRI machine can function effectively like a new machine without any compromise

Phantom Healthcare has support of all leading banks and NBFCs. Our flexible financial packages and wide variety of options ensure that client’s needs are met. As a favored specialist organization, we always aim to grow long haul associations with our clients. Our clients do experience many advantages by associating with us as compared to other service providers.  

Thus, Phantom Healthcare will always be a trusted partner in your business journey whether it’s a purchase of refurbished GE 1.5T or GE 3.0T MRI Scanner, an upgrade of existing equipment or implementing an extended service contract on new or used equipment.

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