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: 14-Jun-2023     : Kumar Jeetendra     Source : BPL MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES

Ventilators are medical devices that provide mechanical ventilation to patients who are unable to breathe on their own. In recent years, technological advancements happened in the field of mechanical ventilation for improved patient outcomes.

HFNC/HFOT is a Non-Invasive and easy-to-use ventilation mode which has gained a lot of attention during the pandemic time. Most of the ventilators are now equipped with an inbuilt HFNC application that enables clinicians to start with HFNC, and then escalate to NIV, IV etc on a single device.

Many clinicians are practising Non-invasive mask ventilation (NIV) involving delivery of oxygen to the patient’s lungs without the need for intubation. NIV is becoming increasingly popular, and many ventilator manufacturers are incorporating NIV modes as standard in their ventilators.

Closed-loop ventilation modes which involve minimal inputs from the caregivers to the ventilator are getting more attention.

Such ventilators are intelligent enough to understand the change in lung dynamics and then adjust the parameters automatically. It uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to monitor a patient’s breathing patterns and adjust ventilation settings accordingly. This technology allows for personalised ventilation and can improve patient outcomes.

Modern ventilator features advanced ventilation modes that can even assist clinicians during CPR without disconnecting the ventilator from the patient.

Understanding the optimal ventilation setting is key to successful ventilation therapy. Advanced ventilators provide more modes, parameters, and tools to help clinicians to go for lung protective ventilation. Trans Pulmonary pressure measurement, Lung recruitment with tools to determine the optimal PEEP, Safe window, Cuff pressure management to avoid VAP risks, EtCO2 & SPO2 monitoring etc are available in the market.

Weaning indicators, analysers, parameters, and protocols are becoming standard offerings in most ICU ventilators. All of these help clinicians determine a patient’s status in the weaning process and generate a dependable prognosis for their readiness for extubation.

VIT (Ventilator Integrated Tomography) is available in the market for some time now and is a very effective tool for lung imaging without the need for an X-ray. Still, due to its high price, it is hardly practised.

With this technology, continuous imaging of the lung function has become possible. By linking this technique with the measuring and control technology of intensive care ventilators, a wide range of clinical problems can be assessed, and appropriate therapeutic decisions can be made.

Many ventilators offer wireless connectivity, remote diagnosis etc allowing healthcare providers to monitor patients remotely and adjust ventilation settings in real-time.

Overall, the field of mechanical ventilation is constantly evolving, and technological advancements and emerging trends are improving patient outcomes and expanding access to care. Despite the technological advancements happening, the actual caregiving station is still the conventional way of ventilation being practised.

About BPL Medical Technologies:

BPL Medical Technologies, the Indian multinational, spearheads pioneering efforts in medical technology and innovation, keeping with legacy since 1967.

Synonymous with trust, our products and systems are certified by national and international quality agencies. With our commitment to making in India, we help you experience great quality at unparalleled value. Our high standards of product performance have made us the no.1 choice of hospitals, clinics, and practising physicians across the country.

BPL Medical Technologies Private Limited is a trusted company that provides reliable products and dependable service to its customers. Our products manufactured in an 13485: 2016 certified facility conform to global standards of quality assurance and best practices. BPL carries its legacy as the first Indian company to manufacture ECG devices in India. Today, the company has evolved to be one of the largest Indian Medical Device companies, offering a wide range of healthcare solutions in six segments namely Cardiology, Critical Care & Surgery, Women & Child Care, Imaging, Homecare and Consumables & Accessories.

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